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What in the heck is an Esthetician? And why do I need to visit one from time to time?

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on December 3, 2012 at 8:15 PM

Good evening! My name is Evelyn Marshall & I am a licensed Esthetician. *waits for the blank stare*  I can not recall the number of times I have introduced myself as such to people outside of this industry & they look at me like "What in the world is she talking about?"  I even recall a guy saying "Oh yeah I know what that is.....she works on people's feet." I politely corrected him and said, "Not quite.  I work with people's skin."  People hear all the time that at least once a season they need to visit their Esthetician to get proper skincare maintainenece.  And when it is found out what we do most guys say that it's only for women.  Not true either.  Let's discuss what an Esthetician is & how they can help you.

An esthetician specializes in the study of skin care, including facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps (relaxing treatments which involve hot linens, plastic sheets, and blankets), salt glows (an exfoliation treatment), waxing as a form of hair removal, cosmetic make-up services and other services with advanced training. Estheticians may work independently in a spa or salon or may assist a doctor in his or her practice. Working with a doctor an esthetician may perform more advanced services that require a doctor's supervision, such as deep chemical peels.


An esthetician can be licensed solely for that skill. An esthetician is not necessarily licensed in cosmetology, but is typically well versed in knowledge of skin care."



So in short we are educated at an institution about the anatomy of the skin & how to care for it over the entire body.  We learn various techniques that help the skin be able to produce the results that you would like to see on a topical level.  We only deal with the top layers of skin.  We help you look your best! We also educate you on what products work best for your skin type & help address most skin conditions & help to improve the skin's appearance.  We are in no way shape, form or fashion a doctor in any way. We are not allowed to diagnose, treat or dispense medications. It is outside of our scope of practice. We are certified "hair yankers" (a phrase we coined in school).  We also can be makeup artists as well.  We can go for more advanced training such as microdermabrasion, some chemical peels & more invasive hair removal such as sugaring or electrolysis.

I sometimes have a hard time convincing people to visit an esthetician because they feel that they can do everything on their own at home.  It's a total luxury.  That is true to a point however we are trained to see the stuff you can't & help make better the stuff our clients may not do so good at home.  You only get the skin you have & if it gets too damaged we can help to a point or suggest that you see a doctor for further help.  

We research products, it's ingredients & how it may affect our clients so that when you have questions we can answer them intelligently.  It's actually fun to be an esthetician.  We get to see EVERYTHING!! And I don't say that loosely.  It sometimes amazes us the things that our dear clients will put their skin through in order to achieve certain results.  And it's not all women.  We have male clients too that want to know how to prevent further signs of aging & how to maintain their skin.  Most of the products we use are a bit more expensive than the drugstore brands but it provides more optimal results because of the concentration of active ingredients & in just plain terms it feels good to just lay there & allow someone to work on the largest organ on the human body: the skin.

Why come see us? we want you to look and feel good about your skin & know what to do when it changes.  We want you to be educated about products, techniques and your skin in general.  The sooner you come to us the better. We stay abreast to the latest trends in products, ingredients, techniques & makeup trends if they do makeup artistry as well.  So we are your "in the know" people. It's a very respected industry & when on the top of our game can help you achieve some amazing results.  Hope this helps you in your search for a great professional & happy skin!!

Until next time loves,


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