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In this Holiday season it's okay to take a life "time out"!

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on November 21, 2012 at 7:55 PM

Greetings all!

Well we have made it once again to another holiday season.  It's usually accompianied by hours of overtime at work to pay for the numerous gifts you're planning to buy, planning & attending parties, catering to the mounds of family that will come in & out of town to visit over the next month, constant hustle & bustle in the stores, other stressed out people, if you have children; tons of holiday programs and the list goes on & on.  In all of this, your immune system, your skin, body & mind takes a serious series of attacks. You wonder why you're sick, tired, grouchy, skin breaks out & you become a serious "meanace to society".  Guess what? Take a time out!!!! 

We often are made to feel guilty by others or even on our own accord that this is what life is supposed to be. Taking care of everyone else while we sit ourselves on the backburner.  Being everything to everyone & everything else & not taking time to regroup ourselves.  Don't worry, I was just like the millions of others in the world that thought this same way until I started noticing the negative effects it was having on my everyday life & important relationships around me.  I was not sleeping well if at all thus making me less productive in everything,  My skin which rarely breaks out began to break out & look terrible.  My mental & emotional status became unstable in the ways of indecisivness, confusion, anger, sadness & constant blues. My body became tired & achy.  I was not the most pleasant person to deal with.  Sound familiar? After sitting down and having some serious conversations with the few people that I trust in my life, I began to notice in those conversations that my lack of taking care of myself made me a difficult person to deal with. Did it suck hearing this? OF COURSE IT DID!! But I realized at that moment a lightbulb went off. How in the world can I speak to people about how to take care of themselves like as a whole if I myself was not doing it?? Sounds like I was being a MAJOR hypoocrite! So what did I do to change this? Here it is....ready? Got your pen & pencil ready? Let's go!

I took a serious life time out!! I slowed myself down & I learned to say no a lot. I learned the art of journaling.  Dumping my mind's contents onto paper.  I began to get the things in my life that were out of order into order. And boy did some people not like that! Who cares! I couldn't keep letting outside loose ends & open doors that should have been shut a long time ago remain open & cause sabotage to my life & relationships.  I rested!!  Yes I rested! When I was tired I did not continue to push my body beyond it's limits. It had been over 5 years that I actually got 8 hours of rest. *Thinks about it* Yep that's sad. People use this phrasing "I'm grinding!" way too loosely. If you think of the brakes on your car, when they begin to grind you have used them beyond their limit & they no longer provide the safety that you need them to provide. And if you keep riding on them & they're grinding the pads eventually wear totaly away & you can no longer stop. Then you & everyone on the road with you is in some serious danger.  Take that same analogy & apply it to your life.  I began to put myself on a schedule. Nothing rigid but firm.  It remains flexible enough to be able to cushion any hiccups life has to bring.  I learned to have quiet moments throughout my day.  I used these moments to breathe & clear myself of constant stress.  I do a "pamper me" day at least twice a week.  This is where I run a hot aromatic bath, candles, some jazz & let my body relax. In the midst of this I began to concentrate on what I ate & how I took care of my skin.  I began to nourish my body & it began to show in my skin.  It began to glow again.  I also stopped spazzing out about things that I couldn't control & maintained healthy control of the things I could.  It left me a happier & more pleasant me.  I also began to pray a lot more.  Now I know everyone that reads this blog is not a Christian or believes in God.  Not a problem.  Find whatever works for you to gather your strength back & go for it.  

Now everyday is not a stressless day however I realized that I controlled me & how I felt.  And most importantly how it effected my relationships with those I loved.  I no longer put off certain things that made me feel good about myself; i.e. massages, wonderful dinners, manicures, pedicures, turning my phone off or ignoring it altogether, spending quality time with the person I love & rediscovering my passion in life. I am also in the works of planning a vacation of nothing but fun & relaxation. Ahhhhhh I can feel the breeze of the Carribean now! :)  It all takes time. But don't worry if you take those small time outs you will be a happier & more beautiful you! You will then wonder how you ever went so long without it.

In my final words, in this season of thanksgiving, look at your life & be thankful because someone somewhere is dealing with much worse.  And you control your environment.  Your mind, body & soul needs to rest & recharge.  Don't become so busy that you forget you. Don't feel guilty & never feel as if you're neglecting your responsibilities. In the famous poem "Invictus" the last line says, "I am the Master of my fate & the Captain of my soul."  Be that. Be you. Be love. Feel love. Give love & give yourself a break! Until next time loves :)


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