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Posted by Evelyn Marshall on November 18, 2012 at 9:25 PM

Ladies, have you ever went to do your makeup for that big event whether it's a date, your wedding day or that big presentation and noticed that you have this big, red & swollen blemish on your face??? YIKES is the first word that comes into your mind! Second is why now? Third is how do I cover this thing?? Well not to worry! I have a simple solution for you....ready? Here it is step by step:

1) Stop panicking! Calm down!

2) Grab some Qtips, Visine (generic store brand anti-redness drops will do too), a small concealer brush, some concealer and translucent or your shade of loose powder

3) Take about 2-3 Qtips and soak them in the Visine and stick them in the freezer for 30 minutes.....if you don't have that amount of time go for about 5-10 minutes

4) Once it's cooled down, take it out & hold it GENTLY on the blemish itself to reduce the redness & swelling of the blemish for about 30-45 seconds. Take it off and let the area dry.

5) With your concealer brush, dab a light layer of your concealer on top of the blemish. Using circular motions blend it around the edges.  *Dont have concealer, no worries. That liquid foundation that you have, open it, turn the cap upside down & dab your brush in the concealer that's semi-dried inside the cap. It's more concentrated for coverage because it's semi-dry & can be used as your concealer. Thank me later :)

6) Let it dry then go back & add one more thin layer to provide a bit more coverage

7) That loose powder you have, pat a little bit on it so the work you just did doesn't move!!!

And now you can breathe & proceed with your makeup application as planned.

Now just a couple reminders:

Don't pick your blemish because it can make it worse. Next, this method is used to cover the redness and help reduce the swelling. It will not & I repeat it will NOT make the bump totally disappear right away. You just don't want to see the redness & intial swelling.

Guys you can use this tip too....minus the makeup ;)

Hope this tip helps you out! Be on the lookout for weekly tips & if you have any issues or questions email them to us at [email protected] 

Talk to you soon loves,


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