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Guest Blog from Hope Maitwe of Less is More Beauty on Affordable DIY Home Facials

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on February 11, 2013 at 8:55 PM

Affordable and Natural DIY At Home Facials

After a long week of work, my girlfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a Spa Day. As part of that spa treatment, we were able to spend a few hours in the sauna before we left. When we got out of the sauna, our skin and hair felt great and hydrated and looked and felt better. This made me consider utilizing steam as part of my “at-home” beauty regime.

I looked at several different articles on steaming your face and I tried one of them out, but I threw in a little twist for better results.

The great thing about this facial is that it doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money, and you already have most of the products in your kitchen cabinet, or you can get them at your local food store and use it over and over again. Also, with the average price of a facial being around $50USD, it this may help you also save a few extra bucks ;) .

So this is what you will need:

1 Medium sized bowl (about 8 inches in diameter, and 3 inches deep)

2 A pot or kettle

3 Natural Honey

4 Natural Sea Salt

How to Apply Detoxifying Sea Salt & Honey Mask

• Before you get started, create a Sea Salt and Honey mixture that is 1/4 Sea Salt and 3/4 Honey.

You can use any measuring tool you like, but generally, 1 tablespoon of Sea Salt and 3 tablespoons of Honey should be enough. You can add more but try and keep the 1:3 ratio because Sea Salt, while great for your skin’s pH balance, also dries it out, while Honey will attract moisture to your skin.

• Rinse your face with warm water.

• Apply the Sea Salt and Honey Mixture to your face and evenly distribute over your skin and problem areas.

Be sure to avoid contact with your eyes, eyelids and the skin around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is super sensitive and will not react well to globs of honey and salt on it, and for obvious reasons, you don’t want salt in your eyes. Also if you have open areas on your skin use caution with the salt as it can cause a burning sensation. 

• After applying the Sea Salt and Honey to your face, let it set on your face for about 15-20mins.

While you are waiting for the Sea Salt and Honey Mixture to set on your face, boil about 3 cups of water in a pot at maximum heat, or fill up a kettle with water and let boil.


• Rinse the mask off your face thoroughly and gently.

It is really important to be gentle when rinsing off the mask. Part of the cause of acne bacteria spreding is the irritation by foreign objects against the skin.

• Pour the steaming hot water you boiled into the bowl, and set the bowl on a table. Hang your head over the bowl so that you can feel the steam on your face. You can do this for about 20 minutes or until the water cools (whichever you have time for).

Honey is a natural humectant. It attracts and retains moisture levels in your skin, so steaming your skin right after the facial is a great way to hydrate your skin, and open your poresto allow oxygen to enter.

• Gently dry your face with a towel and let your face air dry for about 10 – 15 minutes before moisturizing

Remember: your pores are still open from your steaming session so you don’t want the product or chemicals or products from the moisturizer to seep into your open pores right away. Using an oil such as olive, grapeseed, almond or advocado will be more beneficial for the skin as it restores the skin's barrier until the sebum (skin's natural oil barrier) can replenish itself.


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Also check her out on Twitter @HMBeautyforLess and Like her page on Facebook: Less is More Beauty

What are you all waiting for??? Go try it and tell us how it worked for you!


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