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WOW! You're how old? Anti-aging: Looking your best through the years

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on January 8, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Everyone wants to keep that youthful look no matter how old you are.  The question most have is when do you start the regimine of anti-aging? Some experts have said not until your 30's.  If you're like me, you usually start in your 20's to begin slowing down the process before it even begins.  Here are some things that you can do over the course of time to begin prevention into reparing & retaining your youth.

Your 20's

Your 20's is best time to start to ward off the signs of premature aging.  At this point, you want to look for products with antioxidants.  This helps to repair the damage that has been put on the skin in childhood & adolescent years & also caused by stress, sun exposure & environmental pollution.  Products that contain vitamins A, C & E are key ingredients to look for in products.  Since the body is at rest at night & in repair mode, this is the optimal time to treat the skin.  This is the time to use your serums, eye creams & heavier applicationof moisturizer.  Wearing a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 everyday will block harmful sunrays that can cause signs of premature aging.  This shows up in the form of wrinkles, rough textured appearance to the skin & dark spots commonly known as hyperpigmentation

Your 30's

In this age range, the skin starts to look a little dull & less radiant.  This happens because the skin's cell turnover rate is beginning to slow down some.  The skin has the ability to naturally exfoliate itself to a certain degree & this process begins to slow meaning that regular exfoliation is key.  Fine lines have began to emerge due to collagen (the stuff that keeps the skin plump & tight) breakdown.  In addition to sunscreen and antioxidant treatment you really want to accelerate that cell turnover.  Night creams that have Vitamin A commonly called retinoids & products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) is important.  Visiting an esthetician for microdermabrasion once a month is recommended.  Products like Clairsonic home exfoliating machines are good as well.  Just be careful not to overuse it because overuse can cause skin to be irritated and inflammed.  As a dietary measure, begin decreasing fats from butter, milk & sugar and increasing green veggies, olive oil & fish that contain omega 3 complex will help internally and externally

Your 40's

The fine lines & even mild sagging begins to occur due to greater increase in collagen loss.  The cell turnover trate slows down more meaning the skin may appear dull more often.  Some people begin to look to dermatologists fro stronger retinoid (Retin A) treatments which stimulate the skin's ability to self-exfoliate & produce new collagen.  Dark spots become more prevalent so finding products that brighten the skin are good choices.  Visiting your esthetician for deeper exfoliations & hydrating effects are best.

Your 50's & beyond

The skin becomes drier, wrinkles & skin sagging are & will become more noticeable at this age. Staying hydrated inside & on the skin are vitally important.  Collagen, antioxidant & gycolic (chemical peels *not usually recommened for ethnic skin due to hyperpigmentation & scarring*) are used more often to help with the texture of the skin, Some begin to resort to cosmetic procedures at this point but if that is not your forte amping up your antioxidant treatments are more necessary than ever.  Looking for products with hylauronic acid (ingredient that helps the skin to retain 100 times its weight in moisture) helps abundantly.  Don't forget to exfoliate.  Implementing oil cleasning & aromatherapy into your regimen is a natural way to stimulate the skin's oil production.  Procedures & home care that results in excessive tugging or pulling on the skin should be avoided.  Once again visiting an esthetician regularly & being treated with professional grade anti-aging products is encouraged.

No matter what age you are, proper skincare is essential.  It's never too late to begin a regular skincare regimen & adjust it to the everchanging needs of your skin.  If you don't know where to begin, ask your nearest skincare professional.

Happy skin!


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