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Guest Blog from Hope Maitwe of Less is More Beauty on Affordable DIY Home Facials

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on February 11, 2013 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Affordable and Natural DIY At Home Facials

After a long week of work, my girlfriend and I decided to treat ourselves to a Spa Day. As part of that spa treatment, we were able to spend a few hours in the sauna before we left. When we got out of the sauna, our skin and hair felt great and hydrated and looked and felt better. This made me consider utilizing steam as part of my “at-home” beauty regime.

I looked at several different articles on steaming your face and I tried one of them out, but I threw in a little twist for better results.

The great thing about this facial is that it doesn’t require you to spend a ton of money, and you already have most of the products in your kitchen cabinet, or you can get them at your local food store and use it over and over again. Also, with the average price of a facial being around $50USD, it this may help you also save a few extra bucks ;) .

So this is what you will need:

1 Medium sized bowl (about 8 inches in diameter, and 3 inches deep)

2 A pot or kettle

3 Natural Honey

4 Natural Sea Salt

How to Apply Detoxifying Sea Salt & Honey Mask

• Before you get started, create a Sea Salt and Honey mixture that is 1/4 Sea Salt and 3/4 Honey.

You can use any measuring tool you like, but generally, 1 tablespoon of Sea Salt and 3 tablespoons of Honey should be enough. You can add more but try and keep the 1:3 ratio because Sea Salt, while great for your skin’s pH balance, also dries it out, while Honey will attract moisture to your skin.

• Rinse your face with warm water.

• Apply the Sea Salt and Honey Mixture to your face and evenly distribute over your skin and problem areas.

Be sure to avoid contact with your eyes, eyelids and the skin around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is super sensitive and will not react well to globs of honey and salt on it, and for obvious reasons, you don’t want salt in your eyes. Also if you have open areas on your skin use caution with the salt as it can cause a burning sensation. 

• After applying the Sea Salt and Honey to your face, let it set on your face for about 15-20mins.

While you are waiting for the Sea Salt and Honey Mixture to set on your face, boil about 3 cups of water in a pot at maximum heat, or fill up a kettle with water and let boil.


• Rinse the mask off your face thoroughly and gently.

It is really important to be gentle when rinsing off the mask. Part of the cause of acne bacteria spreding is the irritation by foreign objects against the skin.

• Pour the steaming hot water you boiled into the bowl, and set the bowl on a table. Hang your head over the bowl so that you can feel the steam on your face. You can do this for about 20 minutes or until the water cools (whichever you have time for).

Honey is a natural humectant. It attracts and retains moisture levels in your skin, so steaming your skin right after the facial is a great way to hydrate your skin, and open your poresto allow oxygen to enter.

• Gently dry your face with a towel and let your face air dry for about 10 – 15 minutes before moisturizing

Remember: your pores are still open from your steaming session so you don’t want the product or chemicals or products from the moisturizer to seep into your open pores right away. Using an oil such as olive, grapeseed, almond or advocado will be more beneficial for the skin as it restores the skin's barrier until the sebum (skin's natural oil barrier) can replenish itself.


Check out www.lessismorebeauty.com browse our page  for our weekly blogs and discounts and sales on related beauty products.

Also check her out on Twitter @HMBeautyforLess and Like her page on Facebook: Less is More Beauty

What are you all waiting for??? Go try it and tell us how it worked for you!


What's the hype about african black soap?

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on February 4, 2013 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (3)

Everyone has heard or at least went into a store like a beauty supply store and seen this hunk of brown stuff wrapped in plastic wrap and thought, "What in the world is this?"  You've picked it up, stared at it, examined it front to back, sniffed it and probably squeezed it. Well at least that is what I did when I first saw it.  So what is it?

Pure african black soap has been made for centuries in countries like Ghana or other West African countries.  It can be made elsewhere like the US or Europe but the true stuff is usually made in West African by women of the various tribes.  Each tribe adds its own ingredients and special additions (herbs & fragrances) which can change the color or texture of the soap.  It is usually various shades of brown. It is made during a process that takes an entire day.  It is made with water, bark of the shea tree (where shea butter comes from), leaves of palm trees, bark and leaves of banana trees, bark and leaves of the plantain and cocoa plant.  It also contains shea butter, olive, coconut, palm and palm kernel oils.  Depending on the tribe various other fruits, herbs and scents can be added.  

It is made when the leaves and bark of the various trees and plants are shredded and placed in a metal vat or a cooking kettle and then they are burned until only the ashes of these are left. The ash is then mixed with water.  This mixture is then poured through a filter to get all the large pieces out. Then it is mixed with the oils to create the soap. Various herbs and oil essences are added.  It is then left to cure for two weeks then packaged to be sold.  If you purchase black soap from stores or online make sure that it says "Fair Trade".  That way you can ensure that the women of these African tribes that make this wonderful soap are getting paid fair wages for producing it. It is very suseptible to water so make sure not to leave it in a soap dish as it will melt. To ensure you get the most use from it, cut a small piece from the main bar and use that to make it las longer.  I usually dry mine off a bit after using it and store it in a plastic ziploc bag.

Now on to the important stuff that you really want to know.  What are the benefits of this soap versus other soaps? Well first off, it is rich in vitamins E & A which are great antioxidants that help the skin to fight free radicals which can result in premature aging, loss of skin elasticity, resilience, suppleness and diminish your skin's structural support.  It has a high shea butter content which protects and smooths the skin.  This is one reason why it can be a great shaving agent for men.  The lather will not dry out the skin and will leave it softer which will decrease the amount of ingrown hairs if it is accompanied by proper shaving techniques.  It has been known to heal dry, cracked skin of the face and body.  It can help with the minimization of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by adding proper moisture levels to the skin and replenishing it.  It provides deep pore cleansing without stripping the skin of its natural oil barrier that is meant to protect the skin.  It also can help with reducing the apperance of dark spots on the face and body caused by acne scars.  I also did some research and have saw that lots of women used it during pregnancy to reduce the likelihood of stretchmarks and even when they did still get them they were less noticeable.  It also helps to minimize acne breakouts by providing the skin with the necessary moisture needed to balance oil overproduction in the skin.  Some of the soaps have tea tree, rosemary and salicylic acid (which is an extract of the wiilow tree which helps in the treatment of acne and breakouts). Tea tree and rosemary posess anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which are helpful in the treatment of acne.  Even if the soap does not have these added extracts in it it is still good for acneic skin.  This is a wonderful product to use for teens or those who suffer from acne.  Now this is NOT a cure all and may not work for some skin.  So it is advised that you see your dermatologist if it is very severe or even cystic.  However it can be an addition to your skin care routine due to the severe drying effects of some prescribed medications such as Accutane (a systemic acne drug that causes extreme dryness of the skin, body and hair by shrinking the oil glands all over).  It can also be used as shampoo for the hair and all over the body.

I did an experiment on myself to test this theory,  I have combination skin which means that I have an oily t-zone and elsewhere my skin is dry.  I get occasional breakouts on the forehead, chin and cheeks and even when the bumps are properly extracted I still end up with bothersome dark spots.  I wanted to balance the oil in my skin and wanted a healthy glow as well being that I am hitting my mid thirties.  So I gave myself 30 days to soley use african black soap as my sole cleanser.  I used a facial brush to provide exfoliation twice a week.  I also did an oil pre-cleanse with olive oil.  I used my AHA/BHA treatment serum (this helps with cell turnover in the skin & makes exfoliation easier to reveal brighter skin) and using my moisturiser with an SPF in the day and olive oil at night.  I also used a vitamin C alcohol free toner by Murad as well.  After two weeks of use going into week three I can definitely tell a difference in my skin.  I don't have to use as much moisturiser because it has began to balance the level of moisture in my skin.  My breakouts have become less and less.  The biggest difference I have noticed is the dark spots on my face have totally began to diminish.  Some of these spots have been there since my teens.  Yes overall I have been blessed with pretty decent skin but as I age it definitely has developed a mind of its own.  So I have to switch up my routine every now and then. I can say it's not the prettiest soap but it does do the job and well.  My twelve year old has been using it as well and her skin has cleared up tremendously.  She also suffers from eczema and it has softened up the spots on her face and body that were rough and scaly. And to my surprise and hers it has started to clear up and return back to its normal color.  Also she finds it easier to handle and tolerate than the other products she used. I purchased mine at the local beauty supply store for $2.49 a bar. 

In conclusion, I have found the soap to live up to all the hype surrounding it.  There are imposters or soap that claims to be black soap but be careful because it is not.  To me it reminds me of an oatmeal bar of some sort.  But for the price, the process it takes to make it, who makes it and the benefits it brings to my skin I say its a natural Godsend.  

That's all for tonight ladies and gentlemen.

Until next time

Choose your fancy! From the mouth of Ms. Plummer

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on January 25, 2013 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello everyone! I want to take this time and thank Ms. FOD herself for allowing me to be a guest blogger today. So I recently purchased four pallets from the BH Cosmetics line. The 88 color matt, 88 color tropical matt, 88 color shimmer, and 88 color tropical shimmer. All were purchased with my own money, I am not affiliated with BH Cosmetics in any way. But the price was very reasonable. I paid $38 shipped. I know right, great deal! Besides the price the quality was awesome. I was very impressed with how pigmented the colors were and even on my skin. My tone is about medium to dark so a highly pigmented shadow is definitely needed. Just to give you guys an idea of what I mean, think of E.L.F. if you've used them and multiply X 10. I will never buy another E.L.F. pallet as long as BH Cosmetics is around. There are tons of colors for a variety of looks. You can easily go from day to night in one single pallet. I will definitely be a returning customer to try out all the other products they offer. The only con I have for these particular pallets is the size of the actual shadow. They are a tad bit smaller than other pallets I have purchased. But it's not anything I can't live with, besides a little goes a long way. My purchasing experience was hassle free as well. I received my order 7 business days after I placed it. Also the products were wrapped very well to avoid any type of damage in the shipping process. Overall this is a wonderful pallet for the beginner MUA or the professional. I rate this product a "9" out of "10" only due to the small shadows. Would I purchase again...absolutely!!

WOW! You're how old? Anti-aging: Looking your best through the years

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on January 8, 2013 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Everyone wants to keep that youthful look no matter how old you are.  The question most have is when do you start the regimine of anti-aging? Some experts have said not until your 30's.  If you're like me, you usually start in your 20's to begin slowing down the process before it even begins.  Here are some things that you can do over the course of time to begin prevention into reparing & retaining your youth.

Your 20's

Your 20's is best time to start to ward off the signs of premature aging.  At this point, you want to look for products with antioxidants.  This helps to repair the damage that has been put on the skin in childhood & adolescent years & also caused by stress, sun exposure & environmental pollution.  Products that contain vitamins A, C & E are key ingredients to look for in products.  Since the body is at rest at night & in repair mode, this is the optimal time to treat the skin.  This is the time to use your serums, eye creams & heavier applicationof moisturizer.  Wearing a daily sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 everyday will block harmful sunrays that can cause signs of premature aging.  This shows up in the form of wrinkles, rough textured appearance to the skin & dark spots commonly known as hyperpigmentation

Your 30's

In this age range, the skin starts to look a little dull & less radiant.  This happens because the skin's cell turnover rate is beginning to slow down some.  The skin has the ability to naturally exfoliate itself to a certain degree & this process begins to slow meaning that regular exfoliation is key.  Fine lines have began to emerge due to collagen (the stuff that keeps the skin plump & tight) breakdown.  In addition to sunscreen and antioxidant treatment you really want to accelerate that cell turnover.  Night creams that have Vitamin A commonly called retinoids & products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) is important.  Visiting an esthetician for microdermabrasion once a month is recommended.  Products like Clairsonic home exfoliating machines are good as well.  Just be careful not to overuse it because overuse can cause skin to be irritated and inflammed.  As a dietary measure, begin decreasing fats from butter, milk & sugar and increasing green veggies, olive oil & fish that contain omega 3 complex will help internally and externally

Your 40's

The fine lines & even mild sagging begins to occur due to greater increase in collagen loss.  The cell turnover trate slows down more meaning the skin may appear dull more often.  Some people begin to look to dermatologists fro stronger retinoid (Retin A) treatments which stimulate the skin's ability to self-exfoliate & produce new collagen.  Dark spots become more prevalent so finding products that brighten the skin are good choices.  Visiting your esthetician for deeper exfoliations & hydrating effects are best.

Your 50's & beyond

The skin becomes drier, wrinkles & skin sagging are & will become more noticeable at this age. Staying hydrated inside & on the skin are vitally important.  Collagen, antioxidant & gycolic (chemical peels *not usually recommened for ethnic skin due to hyperpigmentation & scarring*) are used more often to help with the texture of the skin, Some begin to resort to cosmetic procedures at this point but if that is not your forte amping up your antioxidant treatments are more necessary than ever.  Looking for products with hylauronic acid (ingredient that helps the skin to retain 100 times its weight in moisture) helps abundantly.  Don't forget to exfoliate.  Implementing oil cleasning & aromatherapy into your regimen is a natural way to stimulate the skin's oil production.  Procedures & home care that results in excessive tugging or pulling on the skin should be avoided.  Once again visiting an esthetician regularly & being treated with professional grade anti-aging products is encouraged.

No matter what age you are, proper skincare is essential.  It's never too late to begin a regular skincare regimen & adjust it to the everchanging needs of your skin.  If you don't know where to begin, ask your nearest skincare professional.

Happy skin!


My Disclosure

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on January 2, 2013 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)
As a new beauty editor I am asked to review products & services. I would like to say that I am in no way compensated for my approval of a product or service that I review and or recommend to my audiences. I give my personal opinion of everything I recieve. Since I am not compensated for my honest opinion which could be positive or the opposite I can make sure standing judgement calls about these things. However if I feel that the product or service I recieved is not up to par or something that is worth the time of the consumers I reach, I express my disapproval in a tasteful and tactful manner. And I always will give my audience an alternative that best suits the need. I appreciate every opportunity I am given to educate & try new things & report to you what's available. I have a lot of new products that I will be providing reviews on as well as tips and tricks and education on what's available on the market today. My next post will actually be a guest blogger that is just like you & me & will give you her opinion on a product she loves in hopes that you will too. So be looking out for that this week. It's 2013, a new year! I can't wait to bring new things & information to you. Until next time, Ms. FOD

Taking Care of your body this Winter: Lotion vs. Oil

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on December 24, 2012 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)

We're now into the driest season of all: Winter.  The harsh weather tends to wreak havoc on the skin causing it to be constantly dry, itchy, flaky, inflamed & in more severe cases burning & cracking of the skin.  Just like you must care for your face, your body needs some extra attention during this time.  One thing, is to skip the scalding hot baths & showers.  Yes they feel good after a long, cold wintery day but it can exacerbate dryness.  Depending on where you live & the hardness of the water, it can make the dryness even worse.  So what are you to do?  Well first, shower or bathe in a warm bath versus hot.  It won't strip the skin as much. Second, exfoliate. Yes you want to remove those dry, skin cells because if you don't whatever product you use will not absorb into the skin properly.  Use exfoliating gloves, a loofah or an exfoliating body wash.  Preferably one with beads in it.  The beads will glide gently across the skin & remove the dead dry skin. 


Now onto the greatest debate: Lotion vs. Oil

Every skin type needs hydration.  Your skin produces oil (some more than others) which is the body's natural way to protect the skin from the external aggressors.  It also is produced to be a "waterproof" film over the skin to keep the water & other good stuff in.  When you bathe or shower this barrier becomes compromised & needs some assistance until the skin begins to produce it on its own. 

Now there are three things that determine whether you use an oil or lotion to re-moisturize your body, texture preference, what look you like on your skin & your level of skin dehydration.  Oils mimic your skin's natural oil (lipidic) barrier & assist in keeping the water in your skin from evaporating.  The 3 main oils that are closest to what your skin naturally produces are: jojoba, grapeseed & coconut oil.  Shea butter is good also but it carries more of the waterproof properties in the protection of the skin.  It also provides a small amount of sunscreen (around SPF 6 or so).

Lotions/creams are simply emulsions that are comprised of oils combined with water & other water soluable ingredients.  Lotions also need preservatives to keep them from separating & having a longer shelf life & if you're going preservative free then it won't be your best option.  However they do have great emollient (moisturizing) properties for dry skin & penetrate fairly quickly into the skin more so on those rougher parts (knees, elbows & feet).  If you're looking for that glowing, shiny & silky look to your skin then lotion won't compare to a body oil.

I prefer oils because of the preservatives, fragrances & coloring in most lotions it tends to aggravate my skin sensitivities. Oil keeps my skin more hydrated longer & keeps that smooth, shiny look & the healthy glow longer. Also I tend to not go through as much oil as I do lotion.  It repairs & nourishes my skin in a more natural way that my body readily recognizes.  

I hope that this blog answers some of the questions that you may have & guides you into healthier skincare.  

Until next time loves,



Beautiful Eyeshadows for the Budgeted Diva

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on December 10, 2012 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Good evening my Beauty Buzzlers & Babblettes!

So I am guilty as a makeup artist and as a woman in going into stores looking for the next awesome product to use.  And in my field, some of these products can become very pricey especially when looking for a quality product that delivers as promised. And no I do not always want to spend the equivalent of what may end up being the cost of an arm & a leg on products......in some cases.  However, on my last visit to Dollar Tree, yes you read right, Dollar Tree, I looked down & noticed this really cute eyeshadow palette.  It came packaged in this cute little black book-like cover with 12 colors in it.  I picked it up & started to analyze it before I decided to buy it.  I figured it's only $1 that I'm spending so what the heck?  Ladies, ladies, ladies, that $1.06 investment blew my socks off!! I came home to try it out & when I tell you pigment galore?? Geez! I couldn't believe what a gem I found! It was L.A. Colors Little Black Book of Eyeshadows.  Back a few years ago when I first purchased a pallette I admit I wasn't too thrilled with what I got.  The colors were a bit muted & it just faired kind of ashy on my skin tone.  But Beauty 21 Cosmetics maker of L.A. Colors reformulated some things apparently & delivered a set of shadows that can easily stand up to some of my pricier name brand shadows.  There are 3 palletes to choose from: Natural (has all of your neutral tones i.e. corals, bronzes, beiges, tans & browns), Glam ( pinks, purples & greens) & last, Smokey (all the colors to create the classic black smokey eye, purples & blues).  The packaging comes with a guide to help you create some fantastic looks on your own.  I currently own Natural & Glam.  They blend very well due to the almost creamy feel of the powders (due to fine milling of the powder) & the shimmer is not overpowering.  

If you are a budgeted diva but want the look of the luxury lines, this can be one of your go to products.  I absolutely love it! Now that the holiday season is upon us, why not surprise the makeup lover in your life with all 3 of the palettes.  They are packaged really cute & they are small enough to fit in your purse, cosmetic bag or your makeup box.  

You can visit the L.A. Colors website to get a preview of this amazing product! 

Click here: www.lacolors.com

Until next time loves!


What in the heck is an Esthetician? And why do I need to visit one from time to time?

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on December 3, 2012 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Good evening! My name is Evelyn Marshall & I am a licensed Esthetician. *waits for the blank stare*  I can not recall the number of times I have introduced myself as such to people outside of this industry & they look at me like "What in the world is she talking about?"  I even recall a guy saying "Oh yeah I know what that is.....she works on people's feet." I politely corrected him and said, "Not quite.  I work with people's skin."  People hear all the time that at least once a season they need to visit their Esthetician to get proper skincare maintainenece.  And when it is found out what we do most guys say that it's only for women.  Not true either.  Let's discuss what an Esthetician is & how they can help you.

An esthetician specializes in the study of skin care, including facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps (relaxing treatments which involve hot linens, plastic sheets, and blankets), salt glows (an exfoliation treatment), waxing as a form of hair removal, cosmetic make-up services and other services with advanced training. Estheticians may work independently in a spa or salon or may assist a doctor in his or her practice. Working with a doctor an esthetician may perform more advanced services that require a doctor's supervision, such as deep chemical peels.


An esthetician can be licensed solely for that skill. An esthetician is not necessarily licensed in cosmetology, but is typically well versed in knowledge of skin care."



So in short we are educated at an institution about the anatomy of the skin & how to care for it over the entire body.  We learn various techniques that help the skin be able to produce the results that you would like to see on a topical level.  We only deal with the top layers of skin.  We help you look your best! We also educate you on what products work best for your skin type & help address most skin conditions & help to improve the skin's appearance.  We are in no way shape, form or fashion a doctor in any way. We are not allowed to diagnose, treat or dispense medications. It is outside of our scope of practice. We are certified "hair yankers" (a phrase we coined in school).  We also can be makeup artists as well.  We can go for more advanced training such as microdermabrasion, some chemical peels & more invasive hair removal such as sugaring or electrolysis.

I sometimes have a hard time convincing people to visit an esthetician because they feel that they can do everything on their own at home.  It's a total luxury.  That is true to a point however we are trained to see the stuff you can't & help make better the stuff our clients may not do so good at home.  You only get the skin you have & if it gets too damaged we can help to a point or suggest that you see a doctor for further help.  

We research products, it's ingredients & how it may affect our clients so that when you have questions we can answer them intelligently.  It's actually fun to be an esthetician.  We get to see EVERYTHING!! And I don't say that loosely.  It sometimes amazes us the things that our dear clients will put their skin through in order to achieve certain results.  And it's not all women.  We have male clients too that want to know how to prevent further signs of aging & how to maintain their skin.  Most of the products we use are a bit more expensive than the drugstore brands but it provides more optimal results because of the concentration of active ingredients & in just plain terms it feels good to just lay there & allow someone to work on the largest organ on the human body: the skin.

Why come see us? we want you to look and feel good about your skin & know what to do when it changes.  We want you to be educated about products, techniques and your skin in general.  The sooner you come to us the better. We stay abreast to the latest trends in products, ingredients, techniques & makeup trends if they do makeup artistry as well.  So we are your "in the know" people. It's a very respected industry & when on the top of our game can help you achieve some amazing results.  Hope this helps you in your search for a great professional & happy skin!!

Until next time loves,


In this Holiday season it's okay to take a life "time out"!

Posted by Evelyn Marshall on November 21, 2012 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Greetings all!

Well we have made it once again to another holiday season.  It's usually accompianied by hours of overtime at work to pay for the numerous gifts you're planning to buy, planning & attending parties, catering to the mounds of family that will come in & out of town to visit over the next month, constant hustle & bustle in the stores, other stressed out people, if you have children; tons of holiday programs and the list goes on & on.  In all of this, your immune system, your skin, body & mind takes a serious series of attacks. You wonder why you're sick, tired, grouchy, skin breaks out & you become a serious "meanace to society".  Guess what? Take a time out!!!! 

We often are made to feel guilty by others or even on our own accord that this is what life is supposed to be. Taking care of everyone else while we sit ourselves on the backburner.  Being everything to everyone & everything else & not taking time to regroup ourselves.  Don't worry, I was just like the millions of others in the world that thought this same way until I started noticing the negative effects it was having on my everyday life & important relationships around me.  I was not sleeping well if at all thus making me less productive in everything,  My skin which rarely breaks out began to break out & look terrible.  My mental & emotional status became unstable in the ways of indecisivness, confusion, anger, sadness & constant blues. My body became tired & achy.  I was not the most pleasant person to deal with.  Sound familiar? After sitting down and having some serious conversations with the few people that I trust in my life, I began to notice in those conversations that my lack of taking care of myself made me a difficult person to deal with. Did it suck hearing this? OF COURSE IT DID!! But I realized at that moment a lightbulb went off. How in the world can I speak to people about how to take care of themselves like as a whole if I myself was not doing it?? Sounds like I was being a MAJOR hypoocrite! So what did I do to change this? Here it is....ready? Got your pen & pencil ready? Let's go!

I took a serious life time out!! I slowed myself down & I learned to say no a lot. I learned the art of journaling.  Dumping my mind's contents onto paper.  I began to get the things in my life that were out of order into order. And boy did some people not like that! Who cares! I couldn't keep letting outside loose ends & open doors that should have been shut a long time ago remain open & cause sabotage to my life & relationships.  I rested!!  Yes I rested! When I was tired I did not continue to push my body beyond it's limits. It had been over 5 years that I actually got 8 hours of rest. *Thinks about it* Yep that's sad. People use this phrasing "I'm grinding!" way too loosely. If you think of the brakes on your car, when they begin to grind you have used them beyond their limit & they no longer provide the safety that you need them to provide. And if you keep riding on them & they're grinding the pads eventually wear totaly away & you can no longer stop. Then you & everyone on the road with you is in some serious danger.  Take that same analogy & apply it to your life.  I began to put myself on a schedule. Nothing rigid but firm.  It remains flexible enough to be able to cushion any hiccups life has to bring.  I learned to have quiet moments throughout my day.  I used these moments to breathe & clear myself of constant stress.  I do a "pamper me" day at least twice a week.  This is where I run a hot aromatic bath, candles, some jazz & let my body relax. In the midst of this I began to concentrate on what I ate & how I took care of my skin.  I began to nourish my body & it began to show in my skin.  It began to glow again.  I also stopped spazzing out about things that I couldn't control & maintained healthy control of the things I could.  It left me a happier & more pleasant me.  I also began to pray a lot more.  Now I know everyone that reads this blog is not a Christian or believes in God.  Not a problem.  Find whatever works for you to gather your strength back & go for it.  

Now everyday is not a stressless day however I realized that I controlled me & how I felt.  And most importantly how it effected my relationships with those I loved.  I no longer put off certain things that made me feel good about myself; i.e. massages, wonderful dinners, manicures, pedicures, turning my phone off or ignoring it altogether, spending quality time with the person I love & rediscovering my passion in life. I am also in the works of planning a vacation of nothing but fun & relaxation. Ahhhhhh I can feel the breeze of the Carribean now! :)  It all takes time. But don't worry if you take those small time outs you will be a happier & more beautiful you! You will then wonder how you ever went so long without it.

In my final words, in this season of thanksgiving, look at your life & be thankful because someone somewhere is dealing with much worse.  And you control your environment.  Your mind, body & soul needs to rest & recharge.  Don't become so busy that you forget you. Don't feel guilty & never feel as if you're neglecting your responsibilities. In the famous poem "Invictus" the last line says, "I am the Master of my fate & the Captain of my soul."  Be that. Be you. Be love. Feel love. Give love & give yourself a break! Until next time loves :)



Posted by Evelyn Marshall on November 18, 2012 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Ladies, have you ever went to do your makeup for that big event whether it's a date, your wedding day or that big presentation and noticed that you have this big, red & swollen blemish on your face??? YIKES is the first word that comes into your mind! Second is why now? Third is how do I cover this thing?? Well not to worry! I have a simple solution for you....ready? Here it is step by step:

1) Stop panicking! Calm down!

2) Grab some Qtips, Visine (generic store brand anti-redness drops will do too), a small concealer brush, some concealer and translucent or your shade of loose powder

3) Take about 2-3 Qtips and soak them in the Visine and stick them in the freezer for 30 minutes.....if you don't have that amount of time go for about 5-10 minutes

4) Once it's cooled down, take it out & hold it GENTLY on the blemish itself to reduce the redness & swelling of the blemish for about 30-45 seconds. Take it off and let the area dry.

5) With your concealer brush, dab a light layer of your concealer on top of the blemish. Using circular motions blend it around the edges.  *Dont have concealer, no worries. That liquid foundation that you have, open it, turn the cap upside down & dab your brush in the concealer that's semi-dried inside the cap. It's more concentrated for coverage because it's semi-dry & can be used as your concealer. Thank me later :)

6) Let it dry then go back & add one more thin layer to provide a bit more coverage

7) That loose powder you have, pat a little bit on it so the work you just did doesn't move!!!

And now you can breathe & proceed with your makeup application as planned.

Now just a couple reminders:

Don't pick your blemish because it can make it worse. Next, this method is used to cover the redness and help reduce the swelling. It will not & I repeat it will NOT make the bump totally disappear right away. You just don't want to see the redness & intial swelling.

Guys you can use this tip too....minus the makeup ;)

Hope this tip helps you out! Be on the lookout for weekly tips & if you have any issues or questions email them to us at [email protected] 

Talk to you soon loves,



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