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Evelyn Marshall is a native of Gary, Indiana who moved to Milwaukee, WI with her parents & siblings in 1984.  She graduated from Riverside University High school in 1998.  She attended Carroll College in Waukesha, WI for a brief time before deciding to take some time off & devote it to her family.  She returned to school at Bryant & Stratton College in 2004 to pursue her degree in Business Administration.  In 2007, she graduated with honors by attaining her Associate's degree. At that point in time she never knew that the next 3 years of her life would take such a drastic turn & she would be in the industry of Fashion & Beauty. 

Evelyn has always displayed a unique sense of style.  As a young child & through much of her teenage years, she was often teased about her looks.  She made up in her mind then that her goal would be to boost the self-esteem & self-image of individuals such as herself.  She began to watch every show that dealt with fashion, hair & makeup.  She picked up any magazine that would guide her into this complex world of beauty & fashion. As her beautician to turn her toward the mirror as he styled her hair so that she could watch & learn his techniques.  Experimenting with different looks with hair & makeup, to her amazement she was able to duplicate these looks with accuracy.

As time went on her experimentation with bolder colors began to happen.  People complimented her work as beautiful yet not overdone.  She started to experiment on the faces of her friends & family & the feedback she received was great. After much prayer, she asked God to shape & mold her passion for makeup & hair & he did just that. In January 2007, Ms. Marshall took the leap of faith to being her own business.  People weren't calling at first & this discouraged her greatly.  She was even told that it wasn't going to work & that she was wasting her money as well as time on something that was never going to get off the ground. As they were attempting to kill her dream she continued to research & work to perfect her craft.  Through many personal obstacles that she faced concerning her own family & other trials that came she has continued to persevere & step out on faith believing that God would bring the people to her.  She posted her work on Facebook & Myspace & the calls began to come in.  With her spontaneity, firmness, & passion for this industry, she has developed into the savvy businesswoman & entrepreneur that is needed to withstand in this industry. Her fearless attitude has allowed her to approach celebrity makeup artists & hard hitters in the industry for guidance & help.  Never taking credit for the talents that have been given to her, she understands that its truly a gift from God that is being perfected in her daily.  She uses her talent as a way to offer the gift of beauty & not just concentrating on the physical appearance but to also meet the spiritual needs of her clients.  Miss Marshall is not only a makeup artist with over 5 years of experience in various areas of makeup artistry but is also a licensed Esthetician in the State of Wisconsin.  She looks to educate each and every client on proper skincare, product knowledge and recommendations for not only healthier skin but overall lifestyle.






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Faces of Destiny is always looking to add new talent to the team.......if interested, send us your information via the 'Contact Us' form & we will get back with you.......

We are also looking for hair stylists, models & photographers.

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